Bringing Fur Babies To Paradise

Dated: 04/13/2018

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Our sweet fur babies are like family to us. Our 7 year old cat and 9 year old dog are everything to us. We considered keeping them with family when we were PCS'ing to Hawaii. We were fearful of how the animals will handle the long flight over from Alabama to Hawaii. While I was looking into the process of bringing our babies to Hawaii, I read so many horror stories, and it scared the mess out of me! Ultimately, my husband talked some sense into me. I knew I would not be happy in paradise without my boys, so we started the process to import our animals. We lived in Saraland, which is a small town north of Mobile. Since Saraland is not a military town, our veterinarian clinic did not deal with a lot of animals going out of the continental U.S.; however, Mrs. Green went above and beyond to familiarize herself with the process. We started at the end of January, and this worried fur mama did not stop worrying until I picked up my babies from the quarantine center in July! If you feel overwhelmed, here is a simplified version of what needs to be done! 

Step 1: Talking to your vet (at least 5 months in advance)

    It's really important that your vet understands the whole process. I printed out our checklist as well as the vet's letter and brought it to the first appointment. This way my vet knew what was expected of her, and she would understand what I had to do as well. Please make sure that you start this process early! There are specific information about the number of rabies shots your pet should have received.  Your pets need to be on the mainland for 120 days after the blood sample is received by KSU. If you bring them to Hawaii before their 120 days are up, your pets will be quarantined and you will be charged.

Step 2: FAVN Report

    During this visit, my animals had to get blood taken for the FAVN blood test (Titer Test). This form will need to be submitted by your vet, along with the blood sample(s). Click Here for some more information about the testing laboratory at Kansas State University. Make sure your pets are microchipped first! 

Step 3: The waiting game

    After the blood sample is received from KSU, it's just a waiting game until closer to your leave date! 

Step 4: Hawaii Vet

    Use this form to select a veterinarian clinic to treat your pets if there was an emergency. I called a vet that I randomly chose and registered with them before I sent the documentation off. Do this as early as you want, but try not to wait until last minute! You will need to provide this information on the Cat & Dog import form. They charged us $25 per pet to register them with a clinic. I never took my animals to this particular vet clinic, it was just for emergencies. My animals goes to the Hickam Veterinarian Clinic on Hickam.  

Step 5: Flea & Tick

    Flea and tick medicine must be administered 14 days before their travel date, and it must contain Fipronil or an equivalent product (it can't be revolution). 

Step 6: Send in documentation

   Animal Quarantine Station must receive all paperwork no less than 10 days before your pets arrive. All documentation must be the original copy, but make sure you make a few copies for yourself. I suggest sending it priority / express with signature or certified mail to make sure that you can track the package to the Animal Quarantine station.  It gets a little crazy at the office, so it is possible that it could be misplaced. Fill this form out, and make sure to include the fees. You can send all of your pets' paperwork in one envelope, but make sure to separate the paperwork ( I placed each pet's documentation into separate folders).  Don't forget that this form has to be notarized, so do not sign it until you're in front of a notary! 

Step 7: Health Certificate

    Ten days before your flight, get your health certificate from your vet (try to get multiple forms). You will need to attach the certificate to your pet's kennel, and it will need to be shown to the agriculture center when you arrive to pick up your fur babies! 

Important Links: 

Animal Quarantine Brochure

Hawaii State Quarantine Site

Airline Approved Kennels

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