Hawaii House Hunting Tips For Military

Dated: 08/18/2016

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1. Don’t look for your dream home.

Given the shorter time frame for making a PCS move, there isn’t time to spend months looking for your “dream home.”  We recommend staying focused on finding a suitable home that will make a great investment property long-term.

2. Top 3 Picks

You will be looking at a lot of houses and remembering your favorites can be daunting.  Remember to favorite properties within the search portal we will build for you and once you view a property to come up with a memorable label.  If we show multiple properties we will then ask you to rate your top 3 so that your favorites will always be top of mind. 

3. Avoid fixer-uppers

We know it’s important to set up a functioning home fast so a home that needs a lot of work should be avoided.  We can give recommendations for contractors and handymen but in Hawaii permits can take several months.  With the VA loan requirements homes need to be structurally sound.

4. Avoid REOs or short sales

Unless you have a short-term rental set up, most military buyers don’t have time to get involved in a distressed property sale --- REO, foreclosure, or short sale--- especially if the property is in run-down condition. 

5. Trust first reactions

Don’t be surprised if you want to buy the 1st house! Typically we show less than 4 properties before making an offer.  Our team will do the heavy lifting of narrowing down your search criteria and preview properties on your behalf so that you only see the best ones.

6. Scheduling Showings

Homes typically move fast in Hawaii so if you’re interested in a property let us know and we will schedule a private showing immediately.  If you are currently not on island or need to leave for a deployment we can Face Time, Skype, or send videos of properties on your behalf. 

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Mary Standahl

Mary Standahl is a Real Estate Broker and Agent-Owner at eXp Realty. Originally from Virginia, she relocated to Hawaii 5+ years ago to pursue her passion to assist families in buying their dream prope....

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