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Dated: 10/08/2017

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When I moved to Hawaii, I spent a lot of time researching hikes! It's hard to find a page where there is a compacted list that I could print off and add my own notes. I had to Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and scour the Internet to find information on varioushikes. There are still trails that I haven't even heard of, so I am constantly adding hikes to my "Hiking Bucket list." Please take some time and research the hike you are planning before you leave your house. Always make sure that you bring enough water, and you do not hike alone on an unfamiliar trail! There are probably a lot more trails that are not included in my list below, but I do not encourage people to partake in illegal hikes. Next week,I will start my "Hiking" series where I will highlight some of the trails below. If you have any suggestions or additions to my list, please let me know!

This list is not in any particular order! Image title

  1. Koko Head Rail 

  2. Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail

  3. Pele's Chair (Not really a hike, but pretty neat to see the chair and spend time on the beach)

  4. Kuliouou Ridge Trail

  5. Lanikai Pillbox

  6. Pu'u Ma'Eli'Eli Digging Hills Trail

  7. Likeke Falls

  8. Maili Pillbox 

  9. Ehukai Pillbox Hike

  10. Lulumahu Falls (Make sure your get a permit Here)

  11. Pali Puka 

  12. Manoa Falls

  13. Judd Trail

  14. Aiea Loop Trail

  15. Pu'u Pia

  16. Makiki Loop Trail

  17. Diamondhead 

  18. Maunawili Falls

  19. Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail (This is in a gated community, make sure to abide by the rules!)

  20. Kealia Trail

  21. Kaunala Hiking Trail

  22. Makua Cave

  23. Mt. Ka'ala Trail

  24. Waimea Valley Trail

  25. Kolekole Pass Rd (Schofield, military ID required)

  26. Mañana Trail

  27. Waimano Loop Trail

  28. Olomana (Three Peaks)

  29. Lanipo Trail

  30. Wa'ahila Ridge Trail (To Mt. Olympus)

  31. Ka'au Crater

  32. Oneawa Hills

  33. Hawaii Loa Ridge Trail

  34. Kamiloiki Ridge Trail

  35. Koko Crater Arch (near sandy beach)

  36. Kulepeamoa Ridge Hike

  37. Napu'u'mai'a

  38. Aihualama Trail

  39. Waiakeakua Waterfalls

  40. Makiki Arboretum Trail

  41. Kolowalu Trail

  42. Poamoho Ridge Trail (Permit required, Permit Here)

  43. Kamananui Valley

  44. Kealia Trail

  45. La'ie Falls (Permit required, Permit Here)

  46. Koloa Gulch (Permit Required, Permit Here)

  47. Lanipo

  48. Mañana Trail

  49. Twin Pali Falls

  50. Waimano Falls

  51. Makapu'u Puka

  52. Naniuapo Falls

  53. Kaniakapupu Ruins

  54. Kamiloiki Ridge Trail

  55. Hauula Loop

  56. Kaena Point

  57. Waihe'e Falls (Hamama Falls)

  58. Kalawahine Trail

I suggest downloading the "AllTrails" App! There are tons recommendations and advice from other hikers on there. 

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